From the Board of Education: Community Engagement Survey

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Read the Board's Broadcast Communication article from April 2022. 

The Board of Education would like to sincerely thank the HSSD community members and staff for completing the survey that was sent out by the District. We are grateful for the responses and feedback regarding our District operations. This is a wonderful opportunity for our District to evaluate current operations and take the feedback from the survey to understand where we have strengths and where we have challenges. The full survey report is available for public viewing on the Board of Education page of the HSSD

The survey was conducted by School Perceptions, a Wisconsin-based independent research firm. The eight-page survey was mailed to all HSSD residents, families and open enrollment families and was emailed to HSSD staff. There were 1,060 responses. There was an increase in response rate from non-parent and non-staff residents than in previous surveys. Among all the subgroups the responses were almost all in the “agree” category, there was only one subgroup
item that indicated disagreement.

There was a section of survey that pertained to the Board of Education specifically. The non-parent and non-staff subgroup would like more communication, specifically with understanding the budget resources and how they are being used in an easy way to understand. The Board is committed to taking the feedback and discussing various ways we are able to better communicate with all our staff and community members including residents that do not have children currently in our District.

Our District mission states: “We will work with families and community to ensure that our students have the knowledge and skills to succeed in a changing world.” This survey allows us to adjust and adapt to feedback so we can continue to improve our District operations in alignment with our mission.

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